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New Company Registration in Ahmedabad, India

Start Your Business Idea with Company Registration in Ahmedabad.

According to Your Requirements Choose Company Type to Start Business in Ahmedabad.

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| Producer Company (Agriculture) | Section 8 Company (Non-Profit NGO) |

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Are You Looking for Business Startup Consultant in Ahmedabad, India?

Start Business with Company Registration in Ahmedabad, India

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Starting new business with company entity registration in India is Popular way now a days. As Government has reduced corporate income tax in India to 25%(15%). There are multiple forms of company registration in India. However, According to requirement of business and ownership one can choose out of Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Producer Company, Non Profit Company or OPC.

There are minimum requirement criteria for starting of company, Such criteria depends on the type of company formation. Lets understand the term refers to new company startup.

Company ; Indian Company Means entity registered and formed as per The Companies Act, 2013. Company is separate legal entity with separate name and seal. Companies liability is limited to assets of company.

Shareholder ; Shareholder of company are those who has invested in company via subscription of shares. Shareholders are real owner of company, they appoint director to run business. Shareholder receive dividend in return of their investment.

Director ; Directors are persons who is appointed by share holders for running and managing day to day affairs of company. Directors receive salary, remuneration for their contribution in company.  

Popular Types for New Company Registration

One Person Company (OPC)

One Member Can Form OPC with One Director.
Maximum Capital Restricted to Rs. 50 Lakhs.
NO Foreign Member allowed.

Private Limited Company

Minimum Two Shareholder and Two Directors Required. Foreign Director and Shareholder can participate in company.

Public Limited Company

Minimum Seven Shareholders and Three Directors required. Foreign Directors and member allowed in company.

Producer Company

Suitable for producer activity like agricultural activity. FDI Restricted in producer company. only Primary producer activity allowed.

Section 8 (NGO)

Non Profit Organization can start their activity by forming Section 8 Company, which is for non profit nature of activity.

Foreign Subsidiary

Foreign Company can start their business in India by forming subsidiary fully owned by foreigner Company or NRI.

Benefits of Company Registration in India

Other License & Registration Required Along with Company Registration in India

Compliance to follow by Indian Newly Created Company

  • Appointment of Directors

    According to type of company, Appointment of Directors is compulsory. For Private company at least two director and for public company three directors required. Further at least one Indian Director is mandatory,

  • Obtain applicable registration

    According to business activity, all applicable license must be obtained.

  • Appointment of Auditor

    To check financial transaction of company, utilization of fund and for annual compliance, Auditor appointment is compulsory each year.

  • Filing of Annual Compliance and retunrs

    All Applicable return and compliance must be done on time to time basis.

New Company Registration FAQ's

Yes, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company Can Have Foreign Share Holder or Investor at the Time of Formation of Company. For Such Purpose Apostle and Notarised Copy of Passport and Driving License Required.

Yes, Foreign Individual Person can take directorship in Indian Company. For Appointment Purpose Apostle and Notarised Document of Passport and Identity Card is Required.

No, At Least One Indian Resident Director is Required.

There are Minimum 2 Member is required in Private limited, and 3 Member(share holder) in Limited Company. So you need to give at least 1 Share to fulfil requisite Share Holder(s). Same things apply even if you are Non Resident of India (NRI). 

Compliance Cost Includes MCA Filings, Director Annual Compliance, Annual Audit of Company, Income Tax Filing, GST Filings and Maintaining Accounting Records. For Completing Minimum Requirements Professional Fees will be Approximate Rs. 120,000 (1500 USD).

Yes, You can Transfer your Shares to Someone else.

If Foreign Person is on Business VISA then He can Submit Normal Copy with Passport and VISA Copy. Otherwise He Needs to Submit Apostle & Notarised Copy.

Associate Digital Signature (DSC) as Authorised Representative for Filing Forms in MCA Portal.

Now MCA Has Implemented Single Registration window where you will get Following Documents/Registration/License With New Company Registration.

  1. CIN-Company Incorporation Number
  2. GST- Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (Optional)
  3. PAN- Permanent Account Number (Compulsory)
  4. TAN- Tax Accounting Number For TDS (Compulsory)
  5. ESIC- Employee State Insurance Corporation License (Compulsory)
  6. PF- Provident Fund Registration (Compulsory)
  7. IEC- Import Export Code (Optional)
  8. DIN- Director Identification Number (if Newly DIN)
  9. Professional Tax/Shop Act License: Currently Compulsory For Maharastra

No, If Director is Not having DIN while Filing New Application of Company Registration, Then They will Get DIN Automatically. No Need to File Separate DIN Application.