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GeM Registration Consultant

Are you willing to Apply/Bid for Government E Marketplace (GEM) Tender in common GEM Portal? if yes, You need to register your firm/Company in GEM Portal as Vendor/Supplier. We Provide Best services for GEM Portal with GEM Registration Consultant.

Only Registered GEM User can apply for Government Tender. We provide Instant GEM Registration service in which we complete GEM Registration in Just 2 Hours.

GEM Registration in 2 Hours | INR 2000/- Charges

GEM Registration Consultant in Ahmedabad

We provide Government e-Marketplace (GEM Tender) Registration Consultancy Service across Whole India. Government has compulsion for Government Organization  to procure goods and service through Government E Market (GEM Portal) Tender. Such Tender process will enhance the transaperacy and efficiency in government expenses. Now a days all private units who is willing to participate in bid is required to register them self in GEM Portal. Legal adda provide instant GEM Registration in just 2 Hours.

Vendor Registration at GeM portal is easy and simple. It just required basic documents with Complete Online Process. We also provide Tender Consultancy where we helps vendor in bidding process, Checking Qualification Criteria, Preparation of Tender submission according to GEM Tender Requirements.

Benefits of GeM Registration

Documents Required for GeM Vendor Registration

GeM Vendor Registration Consultant

Government e-Marketplace (GEM) Tender Registration Process

Step 1
Registration in GeM
GeM Registration with Seller Profile

Every Vendor who want to participate in tender process on GEM Portal. First he/she need to register their company as GEM Supplier.

Step 2
Complete Profile & Caution Money
Complete the Vendor profile Upto 100%
  • While Registration under GEM, User need to complete their profile before futher participation in bidding. Also Caution money required to pay before participation.

Step 3
Product Upload
Listing of Products and services in GEM Portal

Next user can register their product and service portfolio with user agreement and Policy. Certain Product required Original Equipment Manufacrurer (OEM) Registration. For OEM Registration user need to have Trademark registration of product.

Step 4
Tender Bid
Participate in Tender Bidding

After completion of above steps, Vendor can participate in tender process. First Vendor need to check whether his firm/company is eligible for tender bidding or not. then they can apply Price bid with technical bid. Supportive documents must be uploaded for completion of successful tender.

GEM Registration - Tender Consultancy

GeM Registration Most frequent questions and answers

Government has developed online tender procurement for fulfillment of various supply chain to government organization. Such portal commonly known as Government e-marketplcae (GEM).