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Professional Tax Registration Consultant

We are Professional Tax Registration Consultant Providing PT Registration & Return Filing Services

Self Employed Professionals | Businessmen | Company having Employee Required Professional Tax Registration from Local Municipal Office.

Each Business Which Falls in Urban Geographic Location needs PTR Compulsorily.

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Professional Tax Registration (PTR - PTC)

Professional tax registration commonly known as PTC & PTR certificate is governed by local municipal department. Professional tax is state government tax imposed on each professionals, self employed and businesses. Such tax imposed on income/salary earned by employees on rendering their services to the company. It is mandatory for every business and self employed person. professional tax amount depend upon state government rules. On an average Rs. 200 per month per employee is standard rule of each state. Compliance of return filing must be followed with the payment of Professional tax on monthly or annually as per applicability.

State Wise Applicability of Professional Tax Registration

State where Professional Tax Imposed

State where Professional Tax Exempted

Documents Required for Professional Tax Registration

Frequently Asked Questions on Professional Tax Registration

Yes, Chartered Accountant in practice are Considered as Self Employed hence Professional Tax Registration Required.

Yes, Partnership Firm with No employee required Professional Tax Registration.