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Registration is Compulsory for Factory and Labour Oriented Industries.

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Businesses engaged in hazardous activity or business specified by central government are required to obtain online ESIC registration. Such registration enables employee to recover hospitalisation expense from the insurance coverage of ESIC. Each month employee and employer both contribute towards ESIC Coverage. Each month employer required to Submit contribution to ESIC department with ESIC return.

ESIC Registration Applicability Self Assessment : Check Applicability Flow Chart

ESIC scheme is applicable to all factories and other establishments as defined in the Act with 10+ or more persons employed in such establishment and the employee monthly wage does not exceed Rs 21,000 are covered under the scheme.

Step 1
Check Location
Business is located in geographic area specified by ESIC Act?

Activity of Business or Plant of Business or additional place of business is in the location which is specified by ESIC Act.

if NO >> ESIC Does not apply. no need to check next criteria.

if YES >> Check Next Criteria below.

Step 2
Activity Type
Is Business activity is Seasonal?
    • Business activity is Seasonal?

      if YES >> ESIC Does not apply. no need to check next criteria.

      if NO >> Check Next Criteria below.

Step 3
Number of Employee
Total Number of employee in company are equal to or more than 10?

Total number of employee in company are ten or more?

if NO>> Means less than 10 >> ESIC does not apply.

if YES>> 10 or more >> ESIC Applies.

Step 4
ESIC Coverage Applicable to employee who is earning salary upto 21000

For Counting purpose of limit (i.e. 10 Employee) all employee need to take in to consideration. But for Deduction and Coverage purpose employee who is earning salary upto 21000 need to take in to consideration.

ESIC Contribution Rate

Documents Required for Online ESIC Registration

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FAQ's : Employee State Insurance Scheme Registration & Applicability

For Counting Number of Employee for the purpose of ESIC Registration “it Includes all the Employee not just who is earning less than 21000”. However ESIC Contribution Deduction applicable only to the person who is earning Less than 21000 Per Month.

There NO Government Fees for ESIC Registration. However we charge Rs. 3000 Consultancy Fees for Registration.