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PF ESIC Return Consultant Near Ahmedabad

Are you finding Employer PF ESIC Return Consultant? Legal Adda Provides Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIC) Monthly Return Filing Consultancy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our Package for PF and ESIC Return Consultancy will ensure all compliance related to PF and ESIC.

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Provident Fund (PF & ESIC) Consultant in Ahmedabad

Do you have requirement of PF ESIC Return Consultant for Filing of you monthly Provident Fund and ESIC Returns? LEGAL ADDA is Best Consultant Near to your Ahmedabad Location providing all the compliance services required for PF and ESIC. Remember All the person/company who has deducted PF and ESIC from employee salary required to pay such amount to Govt and File Returns/Statement of Contribution each month on or before 15th day of next Month. Means Contribution of January month shall be deposited to govt. on or before 15th of February. Thus, Compliance of Provident fund and ESIC are absolute priority as it is the fund of employee. Also, there is huge penalty in case of minor failure of compliance in PF.

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PF ESIC Return Filing Consultant Near Ahmedabad

PF Statement & ESIC Return Filing Process