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Register Your Intellectual Content Property | Books | Blogs | Art | Literature | Music | Sound Recordings | Website | Cinematography Films etc.

Secure Original Content Before Publishing Anywhere. Validity of Copyright is Lifespan Plus 60 Years.

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Online Copyright Registration in India

Online copyright registration in India secures the rights over unauthorized use of original Content. Such original content may be Books, Online Blog, Article, Literature, Art, Music – Lyrics, Voice Recording, Ads, Films, Movie, Website etc.. However, Copyright cannot be obtained for non fixed and non tangible things like idea, process etc. Copyright open scope for original content creator to earn money and royalty by making copy of such content. Also owner can give right to use copyright content. In addition, By giving broadcasting right owner can earn royalty. However at the time of content or art form created the copyright is automatically establish to creator of original content. But copyrights registration in India gives legal support to the content. Thus it is advisable to secure copyright before such content spread in public. 

Intellectual property registration is Necessary not just for securing ownership but its enables extended use of ownership and financial benefits. therefore, The Copyright Act, 1957 protects the content creator right over original content.

Benefits of Copyright Registration in India

Minimum Required Document for Online Copyright Registration

FAQ's of Online Copyright Registration

Books, Online Blog, Article, Literature, Art, Music – Lyrics, Voice Recording, Ads, Films, Movie, Website Can be Registered under The Copyright Act, 1957.

Non Tangible Form Cannot be registered in Copyright Such As Merely Verbal Speech (Not Written), Ideas, Process, Concept Etc. However, Trademark Registration available for Name and Logo. where Patent Registration is Available for Idea and Investions.

In Absence of Any Legal Agreement Between both of them, any result of work under service or contract of employment output belongs to Employer (Company). thus Ownership right is not belong to employee.

Trademark Can be Obtained for Logo, Brand Name, Symbol, Tagline etc. where Copyright can be registered for Content like Literature, website, music, film etc.

Yes, Website Can be Register under Copyright. However Domain does not include in Copyright.

Yes, Original Content Owner can Sell, Transfer or Can give right to use.

Up to 60 Years after the death of original Content Creator. thus its cheap in cost with validity.

Yes, Original Video Content Created in any platform like Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok can be registered in Copyright.