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Patent Registration Application in India

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Register Your Intellectual Patentable Property and Claim Your Sole Right on Invention.

Protect Unauthorised Use of Your Invention.

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Patent Registration in India

Invention takes lots of efforts, time and money to justify such resource spending Secure unique invention by patent registration application in India. patent registration grand sole and exclusive right on invention. Once inventor register invention in patent registry no other person can invent same invention. Also its prevent the unauthorised use of invention. Firstly, Inventor can register provisional patent, secondly after complete invention and useful product finalise then inventor can file for patent registration in India. However, Inventor need to file different patent application for different countries. Thus, Inventor patent registration gives inventor 20 years exclusive right after that invention will be available for public domain.

Benefits of Patent Registration

Document Required for Online Patent Registration

FAQ's on Patent Registration Application in India

Invention Takes Lots of Money, efforts and Time. To justify Such Investment one should Register Patent for Financial benefits and Exclusive rights over invention.

No, Once Invention is disclosed in Public Domain, No one can patent that invention.

No, Patent Registered in Indian patent Registry valid in India only, Separate Filing in each country requires.

There are Main Three Quality must be present for Patent Registration in India.

  1. New : Invention Must be New
  2. Unique : Invention Must be Unique and not so obvious. Merely Modification is not Valid.
  3. Usage:It must Not be Sample or prototype. It must contain some use.  

Patent May Be expire due to following reason.

  1. Patentee Fails to Pay Annual/ Renewal Fees
  2. Patent Complete the Validity Term of 20 Years.
  3. 3rd Person Successfully Challenged the Patent.
  4. Suo Moto : Patent Revoked by Registry 

Yes, MSME Register Startup or Company can File Subsidy Application.