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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI Code) Registration

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Financial institutions and regulators use LEIs to identify participants in financial markets/ Securities Market. it is globally recognized system to identify local entity.

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What is Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Registration?

Legal Entity Identifier code Registration or LEI number Registration is a unique global identification number for a company that is issued by a GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU). Financial institutions and regulators use LEIs to identify participants in financial markets.

According to the MiFID II directive, LEIs are mandatory for all market participants with a separate legal entity that trades in securities. For example, if a company is registered in India and would like to buy local stocks then, it is mandatory for this company to have an LEI.

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Certificate is a unique global identifier for legal entities participating in financial transactions. Also known as an LEI code or LEI number, its purpose is to serve identify legal entities on a globally accessible database. Legal entities are organisations such as Private Companies/ companies or government organizations that participate in financial transactions. The identifier is used in regulatory reporting to financial regulators and all financial companies and funds are required to have an LEI.

If you are transacting in the global financial system, LEI Code is mandatory requirement.

Mandatory LEI Registration for Banking Transaction Above 50 Crore

In Recent Circular Reserve Bank (Notification No. RBI/2020-21/82) of India has Introduced that Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is mandatory for All Types of banking Transactions Including IMPS, NEFT, RTCG, Fund Transfer, etc if Such Transactions value is more than 50 Crore. LEI is already mandatory for Over The Counter (OTC) Derivatives and Non Derivatives Transactions.

Who required to obtain LEI Registration in India?

Legal entity identifier (LEI) is mandatory for transactions in interest rate, foreign exchange/forex and credit derivative market. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also made LEI compulsory for companies and organisations having aggregate fund-based and non-fund based exposure of credit over INR 5 crore.

Legal entity identifier Database will help banks and credit providers in monitoring the exposure of corporate borrowers. It will prevent banks from issuing multiple loans against the same collateral/guarantee/secuirty. Companies can obtain LEI from any Local Operating Unit or use the help of service providers such as Registration Agents. LEGAL ADDA  is an LEI Registration Consultant. Our main task is to help companies in India to apply for an LEI and get Instant LEI Certificate.


What are the documents required for Online LEI Registration?

Legal Entity Identifier Consultant - LEI Registration in Ahmedabad

LEI Online Registration Process | Get LEI in 24 Hours

Step 1
LEI Application
Application for Obtaining LEI registraiton

Connect with us for Registration of LEI Code. we will file Instant Online Application for LEI Certificate. it will require 1 Hour of time. (We require Indemnity Bond Signing with Rs. 600/- Franking - We will provide you prepared draft copy)

24 Hours
Step 2
LEI Generation
Authority will Issue LEI Certificate

On Satifactory of Documents, LEI Authority will issue license.

Renewal of LEI Code

Legal Entity Identifier Code Required to Renew Each Year. You can connect with us for renewal of LEI Registration. further we provide multi year Registration where we file renew application as and when required.

LEI Registration - FAQ's

An LEI number (Legal Entity Identifier) is a unique identification number which is issued to companies which operate in the global financial system. LEIs are based on ISO standard 17442:2012. An LEI is issued only once for each company and consists of 20 characters:
The first 4 characters are unique to the LOU which has issued the LEI. The 5th and 6th characters are the same for each company – 0. The following 12 characters consist of letters and numbers and are unique for each company. The final 2 characters are known as the checking characters. Example Number: 99990011AA1AAAAAAA99.

A Legal Entity Identifier code or LEI number is a unique global identification number for a company that is issued by a GLEIF accredited Local Operating Unit. Financial institutions and regulators use LEIs to identify participants in financial markets.

LEI Registration required modification if company change anything in MCA ROC. Example address, director, capital, Charges etc.

LEI Registration required maximum one day.

LEI Validity is for one year, each year renewal is required.

One Year of LEI Registration will cost approx INR 11000/-.for One Year. 5310 Is LEI Challan Fees and 5500/- is Professional Fees.