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Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) Registration

Start Money Lending Business in India with Registration of Non Banking Finance Company.

All Types of Loan activity can be carried out with NBFC License.

Applicant Must be Company with Two Crore Owned Fund.

Are You Searching for NBFC Corporate Consultant?

NBFC Registration Consultant in India

NBFC Stands for Non Banking Finance Company. Reserve Bank of India Governs the Regulation of NBFC. NBFC Registration is Compulsory for the Company who is doing/proposed to doing business of Loan Finance. RBI Approved Non Banking Finance Company can provide all the service as normal banking company except “NBFC Cant accept Demand Deposits from Public”. 

Minimum Requirement for NBFC License Application

  • Applicant must be company entity
  • Minimum 2 crore net owned fund required
  • Object of company must be inline with NBFC Registration
  • At least one director must have financial sector experience
  • CIBIL record of company and director must be clean
  • Regular compliance must be fulfilled as per RBI Guidelines

NBFC Can offer following facilities

  • Credit - Loan Facility
  • Advances with/without Charge Creation
  • Acceptance of Deposits
  • Underwriting of shares
  • Leasing Business
  • Hire Purchase
  • Retirement Planning
  • Money against Share Pledge
  • Money Market Trade
  • Merger activities

NBFC License Holder Allowed to Render Following Services

  • NBFC can provide all types of banking services including credit assistance facilities.
  • NBFC also can do trading in money and capital market instruments, Mostly, shares, stocks, equities, securities, debentures, bonds etc.
  • Allowed to provide portfolio management services, recommendations over corporate legal aspects such as merger and acquisition etc.
  • Underwriting and Investment activity
  • Can render services in respect of market analysis, corporate competition reading, feasibility preparation while assisting loan to client.

Document Required for NBFC Registration in India

  • Company Incorporation Certificate- CIN
  • MoA & AoA
  • Board Resolution for NBFC Registration Application
  • Declaration as per Annexure I, II, III of RBI-NBFC Application Format
  • FD Receipt with Banker Certificate
  • KYC Document of Director with Educations Certificate
  • CIBIL Record of Company and Director
  • Audit Report (Only if applicant is existing company)
  • Annual Financial Report(Only if applicant is existing company)
  • Directors Report (only if Existing company)
  • Banker Report of Related Company (Holding/Subsidiary if any)
  • Experience Certificate of One Director in Financial Sector